Evaluate Assumptions

We need to think about the assumptions we have made for our current model.

We have considered a case of an island occupied only by rabbits and foxes. Our assumptions were:

  • The island furnishes more than enough food to feed the rabbits.
  • The only way the rabbits die is being eaten by foxes.
  • The foxes only eat rabbits
  • The foxes die only of natural causes.

Question 20: How could we improve our assumptions so that the model is somewhat more realistic?
Are assumptions are not realistic because of many limitations. The validity of our results is questionable because we controlled the model. We cannot assume that the only way rabbits die is being eaten by foxes and foxes die only from natural causes, there would certainly be many causes of death to both species. A more realistic model would consider other predator-prey relationships between not only these two species, foxes do not rest at the top of the food chain and rabbits do not lie at the bottom.

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