Anything Else

You may see something about the model or its predictions that I have not thought of.

Question 22: Is there anything else you would like to say about the model or its predictions? If so, please tell us in the space below.
This model is a good representation of Survival of the Fittest within two species. The foxes represent the less abundant most steady species, while the rabbits fluctuate rapidly, showing imbalance in populations. The model shows that, when there is a lot of rabbits, the foxes reproduce more rapidly, as a natural instinct. As there are more foxes, the number of rabbits go down due to over-hunting. As the population of rabbits decreases, so does the fox population, and the cycle starts over.
Although there are discrepancies in the model/experiment:
* There should have been two more variables, Fox birth rate and Rabbit death rate
* The model should have taken into account the different seasons
* The model should have taken into account the yearling rabbits and foxes that do not survive, and compared those with mature
rabbits and foxes
All of these accounts would have provided a more specific and true model.

** *I did not notice question 20 before writing this evaluation* **

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